Jackie Chan Gives His Blessing!

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to show you this latest ‘batch’ of frogs , just in from Shawn McNeely.  Are these guys cute, or WHAT?!

She also made several of the little drawstring bags which we need more… please, anyone else sew? Shawn, they are just lovely.

I have a friend that’s an Occupational Therapist at Napa State Hospital. She’s having her patients paint 30 of these little hoppers and is getting in touch with an occupational therapist in Japan that works with children! This person might be able to distribute some of the frogs. We still need a few more good solid contacts that can see these frogs safely into the hands of the kids/people that need them, so if anyone knows of anyone…..let me know!

Randy has finally finished the production mold for the frogs! Yippeee! They will start shipping faster now. We had so many other orders we HAD to deal with first, it slowed down the frogs a little. But they will be hopping their little hearts out very soon now.

Jackie Chan decided to commandeer the two boxes Shawn sent the frogs in, since he…uh….couldn’t fit into just ONE! He is overseeing the entire 500 Frogs Project. (You did know I meant Jackie Chan the cat, right?)

Much love~ Deb

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5 Responses to Jackie Chan Gives His Blessing!

  1. tracieglynn says:

    They are so cute! Can you tell me about the 500 frog project? I haven’t heard about it. Thanking you in advance.
    Tracie Swietek

  2. Lori Monk says:

    I don’t sew, but I do crochet…….. would be happy to make a bunch of little bags for the frogs.

  3. Kathleen & Cassidy says:

    Lori – please contact Deb in regards to crocheting some bags and thank you! Her email is: gotrandy@tcsn.net

  4. kimberly dawn phillips says:

    its kitty kitty i miss that car

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