How ‘Bout Some Bling?!

We’ve been all about painting frogs, but here’s a twist. This little baby was brilliantly designed by Sharron Dunning. Oooooh! So glad to see her joining us in such a sparkling manner.

We’ll keep posting pictures of the finished froggies and would love some shots of them being produced. We’re hoping some of the folks who have 4-H and classrooms, etc, will get some pictures of their groups either holding their frogs or painting them. This is a huge project….and not just the number of frogs going out. It’s all about healing and the return to that better place in ALL our lives that we seemed to have strayed.

(email frog pics to in jpg format)

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2 Responses to How ‘Bout Some Bling?!

  1. absolutely amazing work! It’s amazing how far this project is going! Painted frogs; a blog; lots of caring to share… great stuff, folks!

  2. Britt says:

    wow!! Such a sparkly little fellow–and so much inspiration!

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