Through The Eyes Of A Child

Recently students at the Edison-Bethune Charter Academy in Fresno, CA became involved with 500 Frogs. Their teacher, Michelle Platt explained the project and wanted them to think about the impact they have on the world, both positive and negative. They have all shed tears over the struggles of others and have eagerly participated in previous projects; even the most hardened of kids. They eagerly picked up the paint brushes and made their frogs come alive!

Their frogs will be showcased at an Open House/Multi-Cultural Night given by the school’s art teacher, Mrs. Shellenburg. At the entrance to the Art Hallway she is going to have a Monet bridge and inside the hall all the students, K-6, will have 2-D painted frog displays. The sculptured frogs will be in a china cupboard/buffet in the hallway for all to see. The hall will also have a big banner sign that says 500 Frogs and there will be handouts explaining the 500 Frogs Project.

The students not only painted original frogs for fellow students in Japan, they wrote letters to accompany them. I’ll let their smiles and words speak for themselves.

From our fearless leader, Deb… All I did was say, hey, you guys, wanna paint some frogs for the people of Japan? And love took it from there. What Michelle did with her class will change the fabric of those kids lives in a wonderful way. The blessings they get from this act of kindness on their part, will be so inspiring to them, I will BET you they will be looking for another random act of kindness to perform. And on and on! Randy and I are so thankful for our resin casting business, that has paid our bills and allowed us to live here and have horses, we are THANKFUL to have an opportunity to be able to ‘give back’ from time to time.

This fellow blog post will remind you why we are determined to bring some peace and love to the people of Japan. 

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2 Responses to Through The Eyes Of A Child

  1. Deb Buckler says:

    It is amazing, this whole process! Randy and I cast little white frogs and they hop out there and touch the lives of so many. Michelle is the kind of teacher I wish I grew up with. She cared enough about her class to see them into a project that taught them love and compassion and it’s something they can KEEP for the rest of their lives. I am forever grateful to Kathleen for organizing and managing this blog….something I have not the skills or time for. But together, great healing is happening because of it.
    Many Blessings~

  2. kyejahfrogs says:

    I hope that all the people in japan will like our frogs. We spent a lot of time & effort into these frogs.

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