Getting Closer…

This is truly among the most happiest letters I have ever written… I am so excited to tell you all that we finally have a committed contact in Japan who will personally deliver our frogs to the hands of the affected children! This is WONDERFUL news! I have been talking to folks and “interviewing” them to find someone we can trust, knows the situation over there and can deliver our special froggies.

Jason Kelly was doing a similar project of love for the people of Japan. He was collecting SOCKS to donate to those who’d lost everything. Japanese don’t wear their shoes in the house. They always put on a clean pair of socks for wearing in the house. Please check out his site and you’ll see he really reached out and helped ALOT of people.  And for a bit of irony, which seems to be part of the amazing magic that’s involved with this 500 Frogs Project… Jason and his sister own a coffee shop in Longmont, Colorado named “RED FROG COFFEE”!!!!!  There’s just something about these frogs. Anyone in that area, please “Hop on over ” and check it out! I am working on a display of the 500 Frogs Project for them to put in their cafe.

Jason Kelly is as freaked out about this as I am. He sent me a letter of rules and regulations for sending the frogs. Each on has to be in a Zip Lock Baggie, with their letter, and inside their drawstring bag. Thank GOODNESS for everyone that has donated these bags! We still need more of them though! I can’t go on any further about Jason Kelly and his help without first thanking model horse hobbyist Carra McClelland. Carra is the one who found his site and recommended I try him. Carra is an amazing person…. she’s the one who stepped up and helped Kathy McKenzie’s husband disperse Kathy’s giant collection. Many heartfelt thanks to Carra!

Jason is making a trip to Japan on July 6th and won’t be returning until the Fall. We’ll be able to (hopefully) get the first 100 out by then. I hate to have to wait until Fall for the rest of the frogs… it’s OK if we HAVE to…. the pain these kids are going through won’t be gone by then. But I AM working on yet another contact who lives in Japan and can help. I’ll let you know about that as it develops. But as for now…. wheee! Please send me your finished frogs and I’ll try to get them to Jason in time for this trip. NO HURRY though! Please take your time with the frogs. They WILL get into the right hands. Many, many blessings to everyone!!! Deb

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