Frogs Ready For Travel!

OK, everyone! Finally an update on 500 Frogs! Now that Breyerfest is cleared away for us, I have been able to organize frogs. I have spent hours numbering, photographing and cataloging all these amazing frogs. We’re up to 150 here now. I can’t even begin to express the joy I feel when each box of frogs arrive. They are all so beautiful and unique, but best of all, they all have your love and healing energy put into them. Call me crazy if you want, but I can “feel” the energy in each one as I number them. You guys are the best. Sit back, open your arms, and enjoy the blessings about to be rained upon you!

(Deb numbering the frogs.) 

I have been working closely with my friend in Napa and have now secured safe travel and safe distribution of the frogs. It really took some doing to make sure the person we chose to distribute these frogs to the children who were so badly affected by the disaster, truly understood the depth of our project. I think they “get it” now. Each one of these frogs contains magic and healing. It’s what the world really needs right now and it has to happen with each individual heart before it can heal a nation. I am so honored to be part of all of you and this project. I even started decorating a few frogs myself….I don’t want to be left out!

I’m enclosing the last letter I got back from Anne Thomas. She writes much praise for me, but please put your own name in there as you are as much a part of this as I am!! I hold Anne in the highest esteem. She writes for Ode magazine and teaches English in Japan. She will be writing about 500 Frogs in her next letter to Ode! I’ll try to get a copy for us. I am SO happy she wants to continue being part of us! We will still be working with Jason Kelly, the fellow that did the socks for Japan project as well. There are plenty of frogs to go around! It looks like our local press will be here on Monday. I will have as many frogs covering my kitchen table as I can, for them to photograph. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. If anyone wants to jump in a paint some frogs, c’mon in! Free blessings for all! LOTS of frogs are here. I have been trying to get them all into the 500 Frogs folders on both TIBBP and the RBR group…I think there’s over 60 pictures in there now. I have 60 more to go! Please go check them out. I’ll keep adding to them. I am going to need more drawstring bags! Please! I also need a little help with shipping all these frogs to Japan…if anyone can spare a few bucks, it would help. This first batch will cost nearly $80.! Eeek!

I’m also sending you a live video of the tsunami, taken from a camera that must have been mounted on the dash of a police car or something. Terribly scary. It all happened so fast. Makes you realize just how quickly your life can change. Thank you, everyone for being part of the 500 Frogs. We’re making history. We’ve each planted a tiny seed of peace… now let’s watch it grow! Much love to you all! Deb

Letter from Anne Thomas:

Hello Deb

What a treat to hear from you and to receive such a news-filled e-mail. Thank you so much for your time. I am very touched. I am also both impressed and deeply moved by your 500 Frogs project. It is truly astounding! A seed idea that has flown and sprouted around the world and back again. So many people want to help, but do not know how. But this project of yours is a hands-on, very direct way of giving and receiving, of being part of the Love and Healing so very much needed now.

Like you, I was moved to tears when I read about the school in Fresno. What a gift you have given them! And how many doors are opening and will open from this! An ongoing gift you have given. I am very impressed by all the work you have done to make this be so well planned and professional. All the packing and mailing you have done and are still doing! How do you find (make) the time with all the other things you and your husband do? I looked at your website, by the way, and was fascinated by your work. You asked about ages of the people at the festival. To be honest, I do not know. In fact, I don’t think anyone will know until the day. Higashi Matsushima is/was a small town, almost obliterated by the tsunami. But people are working hard to bring it back to life so the residence can move towards a future —- and one filled with hope. Because of that, I am sure many, if not most, of the town folks will attend. I also have an idea in mind for after this festival. A friend told me of a small center where they are accepting donations of all sorts and then finding shelters or towns where they can best be used.

All the frogs sent to Mika will go to her for the festival she is organizing and the children she works with. But if you find there are more frogs that you would like to donate, I could get in touch with that small distribution center and see if they might be interested. I will also ask that I be present to give the frogs and to take photos. —- But this is for another time. Thank you for your phone number. It would be lovely to talk with you. I hesitate to call, however, because I have damaged vocal chords and need them for teaching, so must rest them as much as possible when I am not at work. Mika does not speak English, I believe. But I will relay your message to her. I know she will be very touched. In fact, this whole project is very, very touching. And after the festival, I hope to write a Dear Family and Friends letter about all the amazement entailed in this beautiful endeavor direct from the heart to the hearts of so many. Thank you so much.   ~ Bless, Bless, Anne 


(KG’s Emeraldan by Kollean Gouyton)

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