Amazing Miracles

A quick update on the frogs….another box of 70 frogs went to Japan Aug. 1st. The children’s festival is on Aug. 20th, so they will make it in plenty of time. After the festival, our connections over there will have a good idea where the rest of the displaced kids are. There are (at least) 3,000 children left homeless from that disaster. It is estimated that HALF of Japan will be rendered a “dead zone” because of the nuclear contamination. Oooh man! 

On the bright side… I don’t know if I told you guys that a woman from Modesto contacted me after reading the paper. She ordered 10 frogs as she was having ten foreign exchange students from Japan at her home for 2 weeks. They wanted to paint the frogs for their friends and family over there! How ironic is that? Other amazing miracles… a little 12 year old girl from the Central Valley area found out about our project and got her family to drive all the way here to get frogs. She wants to be an English teacher in Japan someday and was very “driven” to help. She was a really special soul… my goodness, when I was 12 years old, the only “purpose” I had in my life was to ride my horse a little longer! Much love~ Deb

For your viewing pleasure – KG’s Golden Delight! By Kollean Gouyton 

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