This Amazing Journey

This amazing journey has been one of my most joyous adventures. Today, more folks from the community came to pick up 15 frogs. The woman, Ellen, is probably my age (58) and her father was 94!!!! It was such a treat and such an honor to have him here. He was bright and excited and can’t wait to be the oldest participant in 500 Frogs. Ellen had hand sewed a lot of beautiful pouches for the frogs. The most significant are the ones she made from an old “Serape” her mother had given her as a gift many years ago. She had used most of it for a quilt but still had the sleeves. Her frog pouches were made out of them.

(Deb holding one of the bags, Jack holding one of Katja’s frogs) 

Here are a couple of the latest frogs… I can’t believe how beautiful they are.


(Frog by Lindsey Lowdes)

(Frog by Lisa Haley)

By Thursday, our latest box of frogs should be there. This will put almost 200 frogs at the festival. Anne Thomas has promised that she will help see any more frogs we send to a situation where she can personally hand the frog to the child. I am SO thankful for her help, she really seems to be getting caught up in the spirit! I am so charmed… you know, we didn’t even KNOW her a few months ago and now she’s fully engaged! Hee! The festival is NEXT SATURDAY! I am excited to report they will make a YouTube video about our 500 Frogs Project there in Japan! It looks like the local media will be there, as well. I can’t wait to see all our frogs on YouTube! This has been SO much fun,  SO wonderful… all of us made this happen. 🙂

They are finding that more areas, further out from Fukishima are now contaminated and the people have to leave their homes and farms. Forever, most likely. Just like Chernobyl. They are predicting that 1/2 of Japan will be a “dead zone”. That is really going to affect the entire world. Oh man.

Many many blessings ~ Deb

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