Silence Is Consent

I recently received this video made by the people of Japan and Fukushima. I want to share it with you all. It’s terribly sad and disturbing, but perhaps the worst is that these people are not so different then ourselves in how they are OWNED by the big corporations; so much so that their own government lies to them and endangers their children. I feel so small today, as I watched this video. What can possibly be done?

I am SO thankful for our extended family here and that we have been able to at least let these people know we care about them. It is a scary day when people from a country as industrialized and important as Japan are making YouTube videos begging for help for their children. Many of the children that will be receiving our frogs are still living in tents and temporary shelters. The festival where our frogs will be given to them is in Hagashi-Matsushima-city, an area badly damaged by the tsunami. I am told the Japanese Army sponsors this event and will be taking any children that need transportation.

Keep them in your prayers ~ Deb

This used to be my playground… 


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