We’ve Been Published!

THIS is pretty exciting!  I just received the following letter from the publisher of Anne Thomas’s new book, “Letters From The Ground to the Heart”.  500 Frogs has been included!  I am so honored. Once again,  another miracle we have all been part of. Anne’s lovely book will go to help so many people who’s lived were affected so terribly by the Tsunami disaster….I SO love seeing ‘regular people’ doing amazing things to help others. Never doubt the power of people who care!

Many Blessings ~ Deb

Dear All,

David, you know of me from previous contact; Deb & Randy of 500 Frogs, and Cate
of Wishes on Wings, you don’t know me (yet 🙂 – however, I’m emailing to share with
you some exciting and I trust, welcome news…

Shortly after what is now known as The Great East Japan (Tohoku) Earthquake and
Tsunami, I received a portion of one of Anne’s letters here in Connecticut (USA) from
a friend in the UK. I was so struck by the power of her writing, I managed to get in
touch with her and suggest that her wonderful letters be collected in a book, proceeds
from sales of which would benefit survivors of these tragic events. As a writer/designer
et al, I lent to the effort by editing, writing the Foreword for, and designing the cover
and text of this labor of love.

“Our” book is at last a reality. Letters from the Ground to the Heart (Paperback Edition,
228 pages) is self-published and has just become available online at:


Book Website & social media links: http://www.lettersfromthegroundtotheheart.com/

‘Letters’ will soon be available at Amazon and barnes & Noble as well, at selected book
stores, and as both a hard cover w/dust jacket edition and e-book, as well.

David, our sincere thanks for the use of your your translation of Miyazawa Kenji’s poem,
Be not Defeated by the Rain, which, although written almost a century ago – is more
relevant than ever, due in no small part to recent events – and for which you are of course
gratefully acknowledged in the front matter credits.

And Deb, Randy and Cate, we are delighted to be able to share with you the fact that
Letter 28 (pages 139-145) is dedicated to telling readers about your wonderful efforts –
in fact, a hand-painted resin frog and a short blurb grace the back cover!

We hope you will be kind enough to avail yourselves of copies, and that you will also
help spread the word. As the one year anniversary of these events approaches, we
who have been, and remain close to relief efforts, know that people there are yet in
extremely dire need – thus and if anything, we need to redouble our efforts.

Here’s hoping that ‘Letters’ helps reignite global empathy and an outpouring of concern
that results in renewed donations – as well as awareness of your own, wonderful efforts!

Best & Warmest Regards,

Brian Penry
(& on behalf of) Anne Thomas

Penry Creative, Inc.
240 Saw Mill Hill Rd.
Guilford, CT 06437-1019 USA
+1 203.605.8501

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