The Senior Folks Need Our Love, Too

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on the 500 Frogs project!   I am again preparing to send yet another ‘batch of beautiful frogs to Anne.  This time, however, there will only be 50 and then another  50 shortly after. Anne plans to deliver these special frogs to some of the senior and older folks who were forced to leave their family farms that they have lived on all their lives. They will never be able to return and most of them can not thrive in the make-shift cardboard shelters set up for them by the government.  They miss their animals (most of which are now dead), their land and crops that have been in their families for generations. Many of these older folks are simply giving up and dying a “lonely Death”.  It is terribly, terribly sad.

News of our 500 Frogs project has gotten around and some of the folks who take care of these older folks have asked if they could have some frogs.  So we are going to send this next batch of amazing frogs to them. Hopefully it will bring them a little joy to be able to hold a beautiful little frog that came clear from the other side of the world just to be with them. If any one wants to paint more frogs, just let me know. The project is still going strong!

Here are 2 videos I hope you will watch. The first one is a “Thank you” from Japan and we can take special pleasure in knowing that we are part of the reason they are saying “Thank You”.

The other clip is about the fellow in the city of Tomioko… the lone hold out guy who stayed back to take care of the animals that had been abandoned. He is sure a rebel! I do believe that if I was in his shoes, I would do the same thing. No way could I leave my horses and animals to starve. I could not go on living in a room in a city, knowing my home and cats and my life was left to die.  We actually have made contact with Naoto Matsumura! We sent him a special frog, some nuts and some organic chocolate berries and a nice letter!

Lone Holdout

Many Blessings to all who have been a part of this wonderful project.
Much love ~

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