Chip-In for Mr. Matsumura

(a note from our friend Nanci Caron)

Dear 500 Frog Friends,

As you know, Deb Buckler, founder of “500 Frogs,” has followed Mr. Naoto Matsumura’s work and has sent a specially decorated frog to him, in honor of his steadfast resistance against a system that abandoned the animals left behind in Tomioka.  When I learned about rescue efforts happening within Japan, I became affiliated the Hachiko Coalition. I learned more about Mr. Matsumura and some wonderful groups helping the animals there.  The story of Mr. Matsumura’s solitary existence and dedication to the animals against all odds, however, spurs us to want to contribute to HIM personally.  We also have a way to give him 100% of the money we collect…. directly!  Our beloved Anne Thomas has once again offered to help!

Would you please consider making a small donation to Mr. Matsumura through my new Chip-In website?  I humbly ask for any affordable amount… perhaps only what you might spend on a cup of coffee or soda. The animals will benefit from ANY amount.  Even more importantly, Mr. Matsumura might feel uplifted and supported by the number of people who care enough about him to donate, or send a signed note or card.  My contact info for all of this is on the Chip- In website… including a mailing address if donating online does not appeal to you.

Thank you all!  Here is the link for the Chip-In Fund and my contact info:


Nanci Caron

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