Very Special Frog

from our friend, Donna Lorello
Arcadian Creations

I asked Deb if I could do this and was able to offer up a commission slot for a painted frog with all proceeds going to Mr. Matsumura who is in Japan caring for the abandoned/homeless animals left behind after the tsunami disaster.  Someone took me up on it and asked for the frog to be painted like a blue and black poison dart frog and I complied.

The piece is now done and the payment will be turned over in donation to Mr. Matsumura and his continued efforts to help the animals.

I was so happy with the resulting paint job that the inspiration carried over to a customized Breyer SM now a seahorse thanks to the ever talented Shawn McNeely (the Plastic Surgeon). The seahorse is staying w/me!

I’ll also be shipping off a few more frogs for 500 Frogs.

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1 Response to Very Special Frog

  1. Jane Schneider says:

    Beautiful! Bless you for doing this for Matsumura-san!

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