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Dear fellow 500 Frog members:

I know most, if not all of us, are animal lovers.  Through the 500 Frog Project, we have learned a little about Japan – the earthquake and tsunami, its aftermath, the people, and the culture. Yet, many of us have wondered about the animals left behind – especially in the no-entry zones of the Fukushima Prefecture – and other areas affected by the radiation.  For whatever reasons, the plight of these animals, and the desperate efforts to help them, were not well documented, nor were they adequately communicated by the media.  No doubt the high human toll and property destruction was so overwhelming, that talk of pets and livestock left behind in evacuated areas did not receive much air time.  We in America are also consumed with our own problems and disasters, and our mainstream media has a notoriously short attention span for foreign disasters.

The purpose of this letter is to remind you that thousands of pets and livestock in the affected areas of Japan remain unattended, starving, sick, injured, and many have perished; my goal is to share this information, and to raise awareness.

There ARE efforts being made by individuals, Japanese and foreign families, rescue groups, and animal welfare organizations from all over the world, to help these animals.  The sheer number of animals in dire straits is daunting, and these rescue efforts are begging for increased awareness of the problem, and for more support. Unfortunately, the Japanese government’s restrictions on entry into the “red zones” have been a major hindrance to massive rescue and care attempts.

Having recently been made aware of some of the rescue, feeding, and vetting efforts, I feel strongly that the information must be shared.  We can all do something to help……from letting others know, to sending a donation, signing a petition, or possibly helping in some other way.  The following are some resources you might want to check out:

A man and his little muddy dog (rescued by a fireman) reunited (13 March 2011)

Here is an organization with which I am newly affiliated.  They help fund animal rescue work, and help coordinate efforts of individuals and organizations in the heavily damaged areas. You can also find them on Facebook. 

You can watch a detailed interview with its founder here: (This is a tedious 90 minute interview, but the information impressed me enough to listen to it).

SPCA in Japan…a very active and dedicated group.

Japan Rescue and Earthquake Support Group (non profit) This link will take you to their “wish list,” and you can navigate from there.

I am proud of us – in this group – for our time and our creative efforts to help bring cheer to the children of Japan.  I know we are a compassionate bunch of folks, and that is why I am reaching out to you – would you please consider doing something positive and purposeful toward helping the animals in that devastated country?  Maybe you already have….if so, I thank you for that!

If any of you have ideas that you might like to share, please let me or Debbie know, and perhaps we can once again contribute – either individually or as a group – in some way.

Finally, it seems appropriate that I write this on October 4th – The Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, who is well-known as the Patron Saint of Animals.  God bless you for your ongoing kindnesses.

Yours truly,
Nanci Caron

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