Paint A Frog!

On March 11, 2011, the country of Japan was hit by a powerful magnitude 9 earthquake. Mother Nature didn’t stop there as it was immediately followed by a tremendous tsunami. Entire cities, homes, farms, and families were washed out to sea. The death toll, as of this writing, is over 10,000. Nations from all over the world have rushed to help the Japanese people deal with this devastation. Fresh water, food, shelter and medical supplies are running short. The pain has been felt worldwide and we will all see repercussions for years. Unfortunately, not everyone who wants to help has the opportunity to help. People struggle with providing for their own families while grieving for those, especially the children, who have lost everything. What contribution can we make?

That’s how the idea for “500 Frogs” began. At Resins by Randy, a small resin cast frog was being produced for various local fund raising groups. We had about 100 of these little frogs in inventory. As members of the model horse community and founders of The International Blessed Broodmare Project, we asked artists and sculptors to help paint these frogs. We envisioned them being given to the children of Japan as a token of our love. Within hours the entire inventory of 100 frogs was spoken for and by the next day, over 400 more had been reserved. Artists, churches, 4-H groups, schools, people from every corner of the world wanted to paint a frog for a child who survived this disaster. The response continues to be phenomenal!

It was then decided to get serious about this project. We feel frogs as a symbol of our caring and love for the Japanese people is appropriate. Twenty-seven species of frog are found in Japan. Due to an agricultural economy based on the flooded rice paddy, the presence of frogs is considered to bring good fortune. Additionally, the frog has become a creature much beloved in poetry and art. Ceramic frogs are often sold at shrines as the Japanese word for ‘frog’ is the same as ‘to return’. 500 Frogs will probably exceed 1000 frogs within a short time. The outpouring of love has been like nothing we have ever witnessed. We are dedicated to seeing that everyone who wants to help send a little frog of love to a Japanese child will have that opportunity.

The frogs will cost $3 each, with a minimum order of 5. That will include shipping INside the USA. (Return shipping will be your responsibility.) They are to be painted by anyone who can do so… realistically or fantastically, whatever your heart desires. Just make your frog as beautiful as possible, as it is destined to become someone’s best friend and source of comfort in an extremely difficult time. After painting, all frogs are to be returned here, to Resins by Randy. We will number, photograph and catalog them so we can document all aspects of this amazing adventure.

The frogs will then be sent to a private contact in Japan where they will be personally placed into the hand of a child. This is an extremely personal project, a connection between the painter of the frog and the child receiving it. Governments and ruling powers will come and go, but these children will remember that someone in a foreign land cared enough about them to paint a little frog and see it all the way to their hands. The good will of this project could someday make the difference in choices made by one nation to another. I pray we all live long enough to see the fruits of our efforts!


Resins by Randy

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Atascadero, Calif. 93422

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8 Responses to Paint A Frog!

  1. Curt says:

    This is a great idea!
    Ive had one of these frogs for years, and it has brought much good fortune.

  2. Britt says:

    Wow…what an awesome idea! I know what I’ll be painting this summer! 😉

  3. Terra Pennington (The Bug) says:

    Deb, you and Randy are awesome. If god could make more people like you two there would be not worries in this world.

    The bug

  4. Jaime says:

    Wow – this is fabulous and the first I have heard of it. I hope this effort is a huge success!!

    JLD – Illinois

  5. kimberly dawn phillips says:

    This makes me soo filled with joy randy and deb u guys are so kind and loving

  6. I just got my 5 frogs from Sophie Nordström and they are getting some truly multicoloured patterns. Special frogs for special people. Now I just need to find the Japanese sign for “love” or “perserverance”. 🙂 This whole project is amazing and I am absolutely thrilled to spend a couple of evenings hopping about in my studio knowing I will make a kid happy about a colourful new little friend. The english word Hope is spelled very similar to Hoppa – and Hoppa means jumping in Swedish. Just like a frog does when moving about. It has a eerie similarity…. Little hopping frogs of hope.

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